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Store your passwords securely with this encrypted freeware.

The more secure a password is, the harder it is to remember. This is a problem since the need for strong passwords grows every day, along with potential threats to your PC. Password managers make it easy to create and use secure passwords for all your log-ons, Web sites, and other password-protected points of access. Capp-Ware's RememberMe is a free tool that can store your passwords in a database secured by 128-bit AES encryption. You only need to remember RememberMe's master password to access or edit all your passwords.

During RememberMe's installation process, we were prompted to create a Profile and a master password using a wizard that rated our password's strength. We also opted for the default Categories. After we'd created our Profile and password, we signed in to RememberMe, which opened the software's small but efficient layout. RememberMe organizes your passwords based on two factors: Categories, such as Bank, Email, Forum, and Personal, and Locations, which are specific programs, Web addresses, and or anything that requires a log-on password. We clicked the large Manage Categories icon, which produced a simple tool for adding custom categories or deleting existing ones. Likewise, the Add New Location wizard let us select a category and enter a location, username, and password. As we added locations, they appeared under the appropriate Categories in the program's central field. Clicking a Location called up its Password Information.

RememberMe doesn't enter passwords; it stores them securely. We simply clicked the copy icon by each Password Information field to copy that field to the Clipboard for 10 seconds, which is plenty of time to paste it into a log-on field. This seems like a smart balance between convenience and security. We like the Comments field, which is a great place for password hints or other information. RememberMe also includes a Password Generator tool that can create secure, randomly generated passwords. There's no Help file, just a link to a forum. RememberMe is easy to use, though, and threw us no loops.

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