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StudyDroid 2.0 is like an infinite deck of digital flash cards for your Android mobile device.

StudyDroid 2.0 is like an infinite deck of digital flash cards for your Android mobile device. With this app, you can create and study from flash cards on the go, without being weighed down or limited by the constraints of a traditional, physical deck.

With StudyDroid 2.0, you can create as many flash cards as you like and organize them into Packs. When you open a Pack, studying is as easy as swiping left or right to move between cards, or tapping a card to reveal its other side. If you feel like you've sufficiently memorized a card, just hit the Known key at the bottom of your screen, and the card will be pushed to the back of the Pack. What's nice is that StudyDroid keeps a tally of cards you Know, so you always have an idea of how well (or how poorly) you're doing with each Pack.

With a long tap on any of your Packs from the Home screen, you can edit properties, shuffle, even flip a deck front to back. The shuffling and flipping really help to freshen up your study sessions after you've cycled through a Pack exhaustively.

If flash cards are a major part of your study routine, we suggest registering for an account at While the site is terribly designed, it does let you type up your cards from your desktop for simple syncing to your device later. Doing so is significantly easier than tapping, say, the entire Period Table of Elements into your touch-screen keyboard. Plus, on the Web site, you get access to Public Packs, which could save you a lot of time if you're studying for a common subject.

Overall, we love StudyDroid 2.0 as a basic flash card study aid. It makes it easy to create cards, and extremely easy to study from them. However, we do wish, the app was equipped with more powerful card-editing tools. The ability to upload images or somehow add graphical elements would open up a world of studying possibilities. Regardless, if you do well with flash cards, StudyDroid 2.0 is the way to go.

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