Rental receipts and more

Create professional-looking receipts with these Excel templates.

Any time you're dealing with amounts of money that reach into the hundreds--or thousands - of dollars, receipts are a good idea for everyone involved. Receipt Templates for Excel gives users an easy way to create receipts for rental payments and other types of cash transactions. It's a simple template, but it can give your receipts a neat, professional appearance.

The download comes with two templates, one for cash transactions and one for rental transactions. The templates come with three receipts to a page, making it easy to create multiple receipts if necessary and then cut them out by hand. The cash receipt is somewhat generic, with space for the payee's name, a description of what the payment is for, the amount, and any balance due, as well as the date and the name of the person taking the payment. The rental receipt is designed with landlords in mind, with space for the address of the rental property and the rental period in question, as well as space to mark whether the payment is cash, check, or money order. The templates don't have a Help file or much in the way of features, but that's OK; part of their appeal is their simplicity.

We think Receipt Templates for Excel is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy way to create printed receipts and avoid the mess and hassle of handwritten ones. If you accept payment of any sort and don't already have a reliable receipt generator, it's definitely worth checking out.

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