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Keep your customers satisfied in this fun restaurant game.

Anyone who's ever worked in the restaurant business can tell you exactly how stressful it can be when it's busy. Papa's Burgeria somehow manages to capitalize on this, making the frenzy of taking orders, cooking food, and serving customers fun, if a little bit nerve-wracking.

The game is an add-on for Google Chrome and installed without issues. A small burger icon appeared to the right of our address bar, and clicking on it launched the game. Users can choose between three characters--Marty, Rita, and Papa Louie--although as far as we could tell there weren't really any differences between them. A quick tutorial at the beginning walks new players through each step of the game; first you take the customer's order, then you grill her burger, and finally you assemble the burger with all the requested toppings. It's easy at first, with only one or two customers, but it quickly gets complicated with customers waiting in line and orders piling up. Burgers have to be cooked to the level of doneness requested by the customer and flipped halfway through, and then the sandwiches must be assembled neatly. After each order is served, players get points for the length of time the customer had to wait, how accurately the burger was cooked, and how well it's put together. Players get tips when they do well, and can use that money to purchase items for the restaurant that will improve their scores.

Overall, we enjoyed Papa's Burgeria; it has nicely done graphics and fun but challenging gameplay. It's not the most relaxing game we've ever played, but it's definitely addictive. We recommend this game to players of all ages.

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