Bare-bones graphs

Create basic graphs with this no-frills program.

Graphs are a great way to display your data; they tell the story in a way that numbers can't. Grey Olltwit's Graph Maker is an extremely basic program for creating simple graphs. It's not for anyone doing serious research or working with statistics, but if you need to create a bare-bones graph, it might be able to do the job.

The program's interface is plain, but at first it confused us; there's a space to enter the y values for data points, but not the x values. It turns out that the program just uses a standard, undefined increment between each point on the x axis, which is okay as long as your graphing needs are fairly unsophisticated. You can add descriptions for each point on the x axis, as well as x-axis and y-axis labels. Graphs can contain up to six data points, and the program can create bar, line, and pie graphs, which can be saved or printed. Although there's a Help menu with an item on it called How to Use, clicking on it only brought up a box stating that the program had been paused, so don't expect much guidance if you're not familiar with graph-making. Overall, Grey Olltwit's Graph Maker worked, but it has so few features that we can only recommend it for the most uncomplicated graphing tasks. Many users are likely to find it too basic to meet their needs.

Grey Olltwit's Graph Maker installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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