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Locate and delete broken shortcuts with this basic utility.

We install and uninstall a lot of software, so it's no surprise that our Start menu gets cluttered with broken shortcuts pretty regularly. Thus we were the perfect test subject for Broken Shortcut Fixer, a program that claims to locate broken shortcuts, repair them if possible, and delete them if not. Although Broken Shortcut Fixer didn't knock our socks off, it did seem to do its job as described--at least part of it.

The program's interface is plain and easy to navigate; from a drop-down menu you select the drive you want to scan, and then it's simply a matter of clicking the Scan Shortcuts button. We do wish that the program had a progress indicator, as it's not always immediately clear whether or not it's finished scanning. Our scan finished within a minute or two and the program displayed 14 broken shortcuts that it was unable to repair. Check boxes next to each shortcut let us select or deselect them before clicking the Delete Broken Shortcuts button. We can't really say whether Broken Shortcut Fixer works to automatically repair broken shortcuts, as it gives no indication of whether or not it's done, so we tried to test this feature by intentionally breaking a shortcut and moving its target to another location, but it turned up in the list of irreparable ones. The program has no Help file, so any questions we had about its operation went unanswered. Overall, we were pleased with Broken Shortcut Fixer's ability to locate broken shortcuts, but we're not sure that it's really capable of fixing them.

Broken Shortcut Fixer requires no installation, making it a good choice for keeping on a USB drive for portable use.

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