Ice-breaking game

Break the ice with this deceptively simple brain-teasing game.

Shooting Blocks is a free logic game from Adore Games. Its play and objective are deceptively simple, and the game becomes more challenging as players progress through the levels. In addition to helping polish your logical and spatial skills, it tunes the reflexes.

Shooting Blocks has the colorful look and smooth action of an up-to-date game, with a fantasy-based background image that we could replace with free images downloaded from the Adore Games site. Playing the game is as easy as clicking your mouse: Imagine stacked ice blocks, some of which are empty and others filled. You must click on the empty blocks to smash them without breaking the filled blocks. Breaking empty blocks scores points and breaking filled blocks subtracts points; there are bonus blocks, too. Players have a limited number of lives to play, and the game keeps score between each round. The only options are full screen, music, and sound controls.

Shooting Blocks is a lot of fun to play, and close to addictive. The ice-block structures get taller and more elaborate as the game progresses, and it gets harder to break the empty blocks in a way that drops the filled ones without sending them tumbling off the edge. We quickly moved through a game, starting over again to do a better job at bringing the filled blocks down intact. Of course, it's fun to topple the whole thing with as few points as possible, too. In any event, Shooting Blocks proved entertaining as well as educational; or maybe beneficial is the right word, since it helps train the brain, like many of Adore's other free games.

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