Little Big Scan

Scan and display your files and folders' size-related data with this ultra-compact freeware.

Have you ever copied files from one folder to another and had to open each folder's properties to compare their sizes and file counts because "something happened" during the copying process? Or wished there was a quick way to see which files and folders are taking up the most space? That's what file and disk space utilities are for. They're fairly passive in that they usually don't "do" anything beyond scanning your system and telling you the size and space used by your files and folders. Minh's Free DiskSpaceExplorer is portable freeware that analyzes and displays size-related information about your Windows PC.

At 28KB, Minh's Free DiskSpaceExplorer is an extremely compact tool. Since it's totally portable, too, it can be saved anywhere and run on demand. We clicked the program file and specified our C:/ drive on a small pop-up. The scan took a minute or two, about the same amount of time as comparable tools. When it finished scanning our drive, another pop-up appeared, this time bearing a tree view of our C:/ drive. We selected a directory, and a right-hand panel opened on our interface with Space, Files, and Folders data for the directory with and without subdirectories. We could open or delete folders from the interface as well as choose another drive to scan. Navigating through the tree view was easy. Free DiskSpaceExplorer has no Help file or settings, nor are any needed.

Minh's Free DiskSpaceExplorer is extremely compact to download and easy to use, and it gave accurate information about our drives, folders, and files. Since it's totally portable and totally minuscule, too, it's a great addition to portable software toolkits, thumbdrives, and other devices.

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