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Create attractive recipe cards with this set of Word templates.

If your recipe collection is anything like ours, you have magazine clippings, things you've printed from the Internet, handwritten recipes from Mom, and all kinds of other scraps of paper stuffed into a book, binder, or drawer. If you're ready to get your recipes organized--or if you want an easy way to share recipes with friends and family members--try Recipe Cards for Word. This set of Word templates makes it easy to print attractive recipe cards using software you already have.

Recipe Cards for Word is quite easy to use; just open the template in Word, type up your recipes, and print. The templates include an attractive green border with a small graphic depicting some utensils and pans. The cards include space for the recipe title, a brief description, a list of ingredients, and the instructions. There are actually four templates; two that allow you to print individual 3x5 or 4x6 cards, if your printer supports it, and two that print three cards per page on paper or cardstock, which you can then cut out. The templates are really nothing fancy, but they do take all of the hassle out of creating correctly formatted recipe cards. Anyone with basic Word skills should be able to use them to create a nice-looking set of recipe cards, either for yourself or as a gift.

Since Recipe Cards for Word is just a set of templates, there's no installation to mess with or Help file to consult.

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