The game is afoot

Help Holmes solve mysteries in this fun puzzle game.

Who doesn't love a good mystery? In The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes, players help the popular detective solve a number of cases, including theft, missing persons, and even murder. The game is more about solving puzzles than actually unraveling mysteries, so although your deductive reasoning may not get much of a workout, this game is a fun option for puzzle lovers.

Be aware that before you download The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes you have to download the Free Ride Player, a game manager that will then download the game automatically. The game itself is 130MB, so if you're expecting something lightweight, be forewarned. The game also installs three desktop icons without asking, and the Free Ride Player will download additional games without your permission. The game's interface is surrounded by banner ads on two sides, and these occasionally disrupt gameplay. You must also view a video before beginning the game, and periodically the game is interrupted by additional 20-second ads. If you can get past all the advertising, The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes is pretty fun to play. For each case, you're presented with a variety of puzzles, such as spotting the differences between two images, locating a list of objects in a room, and matching up suspects with specific characteristics. Players don't actually do much in the way of figuring out who the perpetrator is--Holmes handles that--but each case is solved once you successfully complete all of the puzzles. With 16 different cases to solve, this game could keep you busy for a while. In-game instructions provide plenty of useful tips on how to play. Overall, although we weren't crazy about all of the advertising that this game brings with it, we thought that The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes was an enjoyable way to pass the time.

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