Basic paper planner

Create planner pages with this simple Excel template.

Although many people have made the leap from paper planners to electronic ones, paper planners still have a lot going for them. It's faster to write something down than to type it on a tiny smartphone keyboard, and when your schedule is in a binder instead of on a device, you never have to worry about your battery dying. Daily Planner for Excel is a basic planner template that lets users create and print planner pages. It's nothing fancy, but it works just fine if you need a simple way to create your planner.

The template opened without issues in Excel and displayed an attractive-looking planner page. The day starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 9 p.m., with each daytime hour divided into 15-minute increments. There's also space for notes, reminders, to-do lists, people to call, and expenses. Three small monthly calendars at the top of the template display the current month and the ones immediately before and after it; changing the daily date at the top of the template automatically updates these calendars. An additional template with macros lets users print planner pages for multiple days, a nice touch that makes it easy to print a week's--or month's--worth of planner pages at one time. The templates come with brief instructions, but if you've ever used Excel before, it should all be pretty self-explanatory.

Overall, Daily Planner for Excel didn't particularly impress us, but if you need an easy way to create planner pages without a lot of bells and whistles, it will do the job just fine.

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