Chrome clone

If you like Chrome but want fewer extensions, try this browser.

The browser wars continue, and many developers are taking the best features from the most popular browsers and trying to create something even better. BlackHawk Web Browser is a variation on Google Chrome that claims to have the speed of Chrome and the functionality of Firefox. We're not sure that the browser really brings anything special to the table, but it works just fine.

BlawkHawk's interface is extremely similar to Chrome's; the color scheme is slightly different, and there are menus across the top instead of in one dropdown menu as in Chrome, but otherwise they're more or less the same. We put BlackHawk's speed claims to the test by trying it on some Flash-heavy Web sites; it compared favorably with Chrome, but we're not sure that it was noticeably faster. BlackHawk's documentation says that Chrome extensions can be used with the browser, but we found that to be the case only some of the time; we tried several extensions, and while some installed without issues, others gave us error messages (though they installed easily in Chrome). BlackHawk does have some extensions of its own, including popular ones like FlashBlock and AdBlock, but there are obviously many more extensions available for both Chrome and Firefox than for BlackHawk. BlackHawk's Help file is really more of a four-question FAQ, but if you've used Chrome before you likely already know everything you need to. Overall, BlackHawk worked just fine, but there wasn't anything about it that really impressed us, and we have trouble seeing why anyone would choose it over Chrome or another competitor.

BlackHawk Web Browser installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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