Let's split

Split and merge files quickly and easily with this ultrasimple freeware.

File splitters split files into smaller files that are easier to manage and then merge them into a single file at the other end. GF Split & Merge is a free file splitter and merger that automatically creates files with numbered extensions to keep things in order. We tried it in 32-bit Vista and 64-bit Windows 7.

GF Split & Merge's small interface is about the size of the typical properties box, though it's efficiently packed with the necessaries. There are two tabs, Split and Merge. The Split tab has entry fields for Files to Split and Output Directory and two options for Output Files, by number of files or by kilobytes per file. Other than buttons labeled Run, OK, and Cancel, there's just a Web link to GF Software's site. It took mere seconds to select a file, an output folder, and output options (we tried both) and then split the file, which the program tracked with a green progress bar. The Merge tab uses a file list to display files selected for merging. GF Split & Merge listed the split files in the merge window by their file numbers, but we could move files up and down the list with a pair of arrows. We clicked Run, and the program merged our files just as quickly as it had just split them. Our merged file was in its destination folder when we went to look, just as it was supposed to be.

That's all there is to GF Split & Merge, and all there needs to be. It did a simple but important and potentially resource-intensive job quickly and ably. And, not to mention, for free.

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