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Jazz up the look of Facebook with this fun extension.

It is our opinion that one of the biggest reasons that MySpace lost its popularity was the fact that it let users customize their profiles, turning the pages into unreadable, barely functional Web design disasters. We are thus wary of anything that threatens to disrupt the relatively functional design of Facebook. Fortunately, FaceFetti for Chrome is the best of both worlds; it lets users add customizations to their Facebook pages, but they're not disruptive and they're only visible to that particular user.

Like most Chrome extensions, FaceFetti installs easily. It appears on Facebook as an additional menu to the right of the Account menu. Users simply click on it and select Pick a Profile Skin, and a sleek interface pops up that lets users choose from a multitude of themes. The themes are arranged in 35 categories, including a variety of sports, celebrities, pop culture, food, flowers, and much more. To add a theme to your Facebook page, simply click on it and then confirm your choice. A background image will be added to the white space on either side of the Facebook newsfeed. We like that FaceFetti jazzes up the look of Facebook without altering its layout or causing functional problems; it's nice to look at, but otherwise, you'd never know it's there. The extension doesn't have a Help file or any other settings, but none are needed; it's quite easy to use. Overall, we like FaceFetti, and we think anyone interested in customizing the look of Facebook should give it a try.

FaceFetti for Chrome installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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