Family Feud 3: Survey says ...

Enjoy the computer version of this popular game show.

We have loved "Family Feud" ever since we first watched it on TV in the 1980s. Family Feud 3 is a computer version of the popular game that lets people play by themselves or against a friend. We found it to be every bit as addictive as the TV show was.

Users should be aware that this 720K download isn't actually Family Feud 3, but the Free Ride Player, a game manager that will download Family Feud 3 once it's installed. It will also download three other games without asking permission first, as well as install three unrequested desktop icons. You'll also have to sit through a video ad before playing Family Feud 3, put up with annoying ads in the interface surrounding it, and even have your gameplay interrupted periodically by 20-second videos. Yes, there is a ton of advertising. But Family Feud 3 is so fun that we think it's worth it.

The game itself has nice graphics and narration by a convincing-sounding host. Sound effects, including audience reactions, are reminiscent of the real thing. Although the questions and answers are all text and aren't spoken aloud by the host, we were impressed by the game's ability to match similar meanings even when the words weren't exact matches. For example, when we answered "wear funny clothes" to the question about things that professional wrestlers and models both do, the game gave us credit for the correct response, which was "dress up." The game also has a feature that lets users purchase home accessories for a virtual house using their winnings from the game, which we found to be kind of odd and not very interesting; the game itself is enough to keep us plenty entertained. Overall, we think that Family Feud 3 is a lot of fun, even if you have to put up with a lot of ads to play it.

Family Feud 3 installs desktop icons without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this game to all users.

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