Kind of fishy

There are better options than this so-so screensaver.

Fish are a popular theme for screensavers; the computer screen lends itself well to aquarium-like graphics, and screensaver developers have taken full advantage of that fact. We like this trend, too; these screensavers bring some of the beauty and relaxation of aquariums to your desk without the hassle of cleaning tanks and adjusting pH levels. Free Desktop Fish Screensaver is one of many such programs, and it didn't do much to impress us. It's not awful, but there are many similar programs out there that we like better.

The program installs easily and appeared in our Display Properties menu with our other screensavers. When we activated it, it kept our desktop wallpaper intact but added ripple effects, bubbles, and some small fish. The screensaver also has an aquatic sound effect, reminding us of a gurgling stream. Users can adjust the ripple effect using the function keys, but there are no settings for the bubbles, fish, or--most importantly--the sound effects. Although Free Desktop Fish Screensaver works just fine, there's nothing particularly notable about it. The graphics are adequate but nothing to write home about, and we didn't love the fact that there's no way to adjust or mute the program's volume. We've seen a lot of other screensavers featuring aquatic themes, and we have trouble recommending this one when there are so many others that offer more features and better-quality graphics.

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