Clipboard buddy

View what's on your clipboard in a variety of formats with this handy tool.

Many people are casual users of their clipboard, employing it occasionally to cut and paste Web addresses and other bits and pieces. For other people, including anyone who works with code, the clipboard is a more serious tool. Free Clipboard Viewer is a simple program that lets users view whatever is on their clipboard at a given time in a variety of formats. It's not fancy, but it might be exactly what you need if you're a heavy clipboard user.

The program's interface is plain, consisting mostly of a pane that displays whatever is currently in your clipboard. On the left side of a screen there is a navigation pane that lets users select what format they want to use to view their clipboard's contents. For example, when we copied a link to our clipboard, we were able to preview it as regular text but also view it as Unicode text, text, locale identifier, and OEM text. When we copied a JPEG, the preview displayed the image, but also gave us the option of viewing the bitmap DIB, HTML format, bitmap, and bitmap DIBV5. There's really not much to the program in terms of features, but an online Help file explains both how Free Clipboard Viewer works and what the various clipboard formats mean. Overall, we think that Free Clipboard Viewer is a good choice for anyone who frequently needs to view the contents of the clipboard in a variety of different formats.

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