Bungled butterflies

Don't bother with this mediocre screensaver.

Spring is our favorite season and we happen to love butterflies, so we were excited about trying Free 3D Butterfly Screensaver. Unfortunately, the program did not live up to our expectations. Functional problems and poor graphics plague this disappointing program.

Our first beef with Free 3D Butterfly Screensaver was that it didn't automatically install itself in the proper directory for screensavers as most similar programs do. We had to move the file to its proper place in order to get it to show up among the options in our Display Properties menu. We were also able to access it by clicking on it, of course, but who wants to manually start a screensaver? The visuals of the screensaver were pretty unimpressive as well; cheesy, cartoonish butterflies flutter across a photo of a waterfall that, contrary to the publisher's description, appears to be surrounded by autumnal vegetation. We also found that when we set the program as our default screensaver, it was impossible to exit; neither the mouse nor the keyboard woke it up, and we ended up having to quit it using the Task Manager. Overall, there wasn't much of anything that we really liked about Free 3D Butterfly Screensaver; it's hard to use and it's not particularly nice to look at. With the Internet absolutely overflowing with free, high-quality screensavers, we recommend that users investigate other options.

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