Animal instincts

Adorn your desktop with animals with this fun screensaver.

To be perfectly honest, we could probably waste the better part of a day online looking at animal photos. Cute animals, funny animals, ferocious animals...we find them endlessly fascinating. If you do, too, consider Animal Desktop Wallpaper Screensaver App. This fun program is a screensaver with a social networking component, supplying a constant stream of high quality animal photos.

Although Animal Desktop Wallpaper Screensaver App is accessible in the Display Properties menu along with all your other screensavers, it also has its own manager. The program comes with six high-quality nature images, but that's just the beginning. Clicking the Explore More Photos buttons takes users to, a repository for a wide variety of animal and nature photos. You can either create an account there or log in with a Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, or AOL account. Once logged in, you can peruse thousands of photos. Adding an image to Animal Desktop Wallpaper Screensaver App is as easy as clicking the Save to Animal Desktop button; the photo will be automatically downloaded and added to the program's library. There aren't a lot of options for managing the screensaver's behavior--there's no way to set how often the images change, for example--but we didn't really mind that so much. We also liked the fact that Animal Desktop can be used with any folder full of images, meaning that it's not limited only to animal photos. We do wish that the program included a Help file, but it's not terribly difficult to figure out. Overall, we think that Animal Desktop Wallpaper Screensaver App is a great choice for any animal lover.

Animal Desktop Wallpaper Screensaver App installs and uninstalls without issues.

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