Barebones photo organizer

Don't expect many features from this overly simple program.

The ease and inexpensiveness of digital photography makes it easy for even the casual photographer to quickly become overwhelmed by the number of photos she has taken and needs to organize. SSuite Office - Photo Gallery is a basic program for organizing images in albums. It's pretty bare-bones as photo organizers go, and although it works just fine, there's not much about it that really interested us.

The program's interface is plain and fairly easy to navigate, with most of its major features represented by buttons down the left side. You can create photo albums and easily import images into them, but once the images are in the albums, there's not a whole lot you can do with them. Descriptions can be added to images, but there are no tagging or search features, making this program poorly suited to handling large numbers of images. We didn't like it that the albums display images as a list of file names; clicking on a file displays a small thumbnail, but there's no way to view all the thumbnails in the album at one time. So if you're looking for a particular image in a large album, you're going to have to spend a while viewing each image until you find the one you want. We also found the program's slideshow feature to be limited, as it displays the images at a relatively small size and has no full-screen option. The fact that you must check each image individually for inclusion in the slideshow, with no option to select all the images in the album, was an additional annoyance. There's no real Help file, although built-in tutorials give brief explanations of the program's features. Overall, although Photo Gallery has no functional problems, we found its features to be seriously lacking.

SSuite Office - Photo Gallery installs and uninstalls without issues.

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