Mediocre manager

Some features are more useful than others in this portable PIM.

There are all sorts of options for keeping your portable information organized. Some are online, some are integrated into e-mail accounts, and some live on our phones. Some are full suites of tools and others are standalone programs. SSuite Office's CleverNote PIM Portable is a surprisingly feature-filled program that's small enough to fit on a USB drive and keep your schedule, contacts, and other information at your fingertips. Unfortunately, some of its features work better in theory than in practice.

The program's interface is attractive and easy to navigate, with tabs representing its major features. It provides a calendar/diary, notebook, address book, to-do list, money manager, travel expense tracker, and briefcase. All of the program's features are fairly self-explanatory except for the briefcase, which we never quite figured out; it seems to be a document manager that lets you import and export documents, but the process of using it didn't make much sense. We thought that the travel expense tracker was a nice idea, but we didn't understand why it let us create trips and specific expenses without any way to associate the two. The program has some small, built-in tutorials, but these didn't do much to dispel the mystery surrounding some of the program's features. Overall, we thought that CleverNote PIM Portable was promising, and we had no trouble with some of its more basic features, like its calendar and address book. But this PIM could use a little more polishing before it will be truly outstanding.

CleverNote PIM Portable comes as a ZIP file. It's accessible after extraction with no need for installation.

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