Inadequate inventory

Don't bother with this bare-bones inventory program.

We've reviewed quite a few inventory management systems, and most of them are complex programs that have numerous features. After all, inventory management is no simple task, and any piece of software that's designed to handle it has to be pretty comprehensive. Unfortunately, Stocks Inventory 2 does not fit the bill. This bare-bones program doesn't even begin to offer the features typical of software in this genre.

The program's interface is plain and not too terribly difficult to figure out, but that's largely a function of the fact that there aren't that many features. The program organizes inventory by category; users first select the appropriate category from a drop-down menu and then the desired product from a second drop-down menu. For example, selecting the sample category "cold drinks" gave us access to the sample inventory item, Coke, in the next menu. This is obviously not a layout that's designed to handle the thousands of products that many businesses offer. From this screen users can view information about the selected inventory item, such as its location, manufacturer, and vendor, and the quantity in stock, reserved, on order, damaged, and released. Users can also view the various transactions that have taken place for a particular item. If there's anything else that this program does, we didn't come across it, and there's no Help file that might shed light on additional features. Overall, this program just doesn't seem capable of handling the inventory needs of even very small businesses.

Stocks Inventory 2 comes as a ZIP file. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program.

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