Easily create panoramic images with this user-friendly program.

What to do when you want to take a photo of a skyline or landscape that won't entirely fit in your viewfinder? Create a panorama, of course! There are plenty of programs available that can help you stitch multiple photos into one panoramic image. Pos Panorama Pro is an easy-to-use option that will have even beginners creating great-looking panoramas in no time.

It just so happens that our spouse likes to create panoramic images from photos taken when we travel, so we had no shortage of fodder for Pos Panorama Pro. We tried the program with four photos of the San Francisco skyline, and the program's helpful wizard interface walked us through each step of the process. First we chose whether we wanted to create a vertical or horizontal panorama. Then we selected our images, which Pos Panorama Pro automatically arranged in the correct sequence. There were a few settings that we could adjust, such as the image size and quality, the combination mode, and the transition type, and then Pos Panorama Pro set to work combining our images. The resulting image opened in an editor that had tools for correcting brightness, contrast, RGB, gamma, white balance, and so on. The panoramas produced by Pos Panorama Pro were pretty impressive; although our first effort displayed subtle color differences at the seams, adjusting the program's settings (higher quality and a more gradual transition) helped considerably. If we looked closely we could still tell a slight difference in some places, but it's unlikely to be noticeable to anyone who's not looking for it. The program's built-in Help file includes plenty of useful hints to help you get the most out the program's features. Overall, we think that Pos Panorama Pro is a great way to create panoramic images without a lot of hassle.

Pos Panorama Pro installs a desktop icon without asking but uninstalls cleanly.

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