Fast, flexible, and free sync tool

Keep your files in sync with this powerful but easy-to-use tool for 32-bit systems.

Allway Sync is a free tool that analyzes the contents of two folders simultaneously and updates both based on the latest content. Its bidirectional algorithm analyzes both folders for actual changes and synchronizes both based on your choice. An easy-to-master interface hides an extensive range of settings and options for manually and automatically synchronizing folders. Allway Sync works in 32-bit versions of Windows 2000 to 7; a 64-bit version is available, too.

Allway Sync's colorful interface displays source and destination folders in separate, identical fields. The program can access files and folders on removable drives, online sources, and other locations in addition to your main PC. We were able to schedule multiple synchronization jobs via the Job file menu or the tabbed interface. We could save, edit, rename, and clone jobs as needed. The best way to test a folder-syncing utility is to create a copy of a folder, alter it, and then see what the tool finds. We copied a folder, deleted a few files, and added some others. We clicked Analyze, and Allway Sync quickly returned our results under headings labeled New Files, Unchanged Files, and All Files. Checking the folders revealed synchronized contents. We accessed the program's extensive options, such as the Synchronization Rules. We could set the program to ignore one-hour differences, change the synchronization direction, select for security attributes, and more. We could also configure the Inclusion and Exclusion Filters, File Versioning Policy, and Error Handling; set the Default Profile, change the Event Log's behavior, and define Custom Actions.

Allway Sync also offers skins, interface language options, and an extensive Help menu with both local and online resources, support contacts, usage statistics, and more. For keeping files and folders in step between your desktop and laptop, networked PCs, and other such situations, it's one of the best tools we've tried.

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