Flick to win in this golf game

Flick Golf Extreme is the sequel to Flick Golf, a very well-made arcade golf game.

Flick Golf Extreme is the sequel to Flick Golf, a very well-made arcade golf game. But instead of the usual golfing experience of trying to work your way to the green in the least amount of shots, in the Flick Golf games your goal is to get as close to the hole as possible in one shot--ideally with a hole-in-one. Flick Golf Extreme takes the game a step further by moving off the grassy links in traditional golf games to taking shots in all sorts of strange environments.

The interface and controls in Flick Golf Extreme were made for the touch screen, and it shows. When you start a hole, check for wind speed before taking your shot (this is especially important in later levels). To send the ball towards the hole, simply flick your finger in a forward motion across the ball towards the pin. While the ball is in the air, flick the screen to guide the ball towards the hole. You'll also be able to apply spin to the ball as long as it is still bouncing--great for small adjustments to get extra points. Each hole is surrounded by concentric circles, each having a point value that increases the closer you are to the hole.

Flick Golf and Flick Golf Extreme share the same precise controls, but where Flick Golf Extreme really shines is in the environments. With beautiful 3D graphics, you'll be taking shots across deep canyons and, on another course, from rooftop to rooftop high atop skyscrapers. In one level, you'll actually need to take shots from a hovering helicopter onto an aircraft carrier. All of the environments are meticulously detailed, with gorgeous animations and excellent sound design (on one level you can see and hear a huge waterfall as you take your shots, for example). It's clear that the developers went to great lengths to make this game a striking visual experience along with the already great gameplay.

Flick Golf Extreme offers three game modes including Quickshot, where you'll hit as many shots as possible within a time limit; World Tour, where you'll need to achieve high enough scores to unlock each course; and--new to Extreme--a 5 Ball Challenge, where you get 5 balls that you can only replenish by hitting holes-in-one. Each of the gametypes require that you employ a different strategy, adding to the replay value of the game.

Overall, Flick Golf Extreme is a fun and addictive pick-up-and-play arcade golf game with excellent controls, strange and beautifully made courses, and with plenty of replay value. If you liked Flick Golf or want a quick golf fix, Flick Golf Extreme is a must-download.

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