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Easily check times around the world.

If you're looking for a way to keep track of the time in cities around the world, then Moo0 WorldTime may be the application for you. This free tool offers a simple spreadsheet of time in major cities worldwide, and it lets you see the time gap in relation to your location. While far from exciting, it works.

WorldTime's functionality is limited; there are no bells and all. Still, the program's spreadsheet-style interface got the job done for us, and with little fuss, too. All you'll see is a very basic, no-frills spreadsheet that offers a list of cities to choose from, as well as a choice of languages for the interface. That's it. Perhaps a few graphics could jazz things up, but alas, no such luck. There aren't many customization options, either, but what's available is adequate for the program's purpose, and we should note that Moo0 WorldTime is easy to set up or modify at a later time. There isn't a Help file, but it's highly doubtful that you'll miss it.

Installation is easy and straightforward; the same for uninstalling the program. Moo0 WorldTime doesn't require personal information, registration, or a username or password. All of the features seem to be in working order. Moo0 WorldTime is freeware that offers a simple, albeit boring, way to keep track of times in cities around the world.

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