Wardrobe organizer

Organize your apparel and accessories with this freeware.

HomyFads Wardrobe Manager is freeware that can make it easier to view and manage your wardrobe and accessories. Although we found a glitch in the program's tutorials and one of its features didn't work, an uncluttered and easy-to-use menu made it a snap to organize and browse our apparel and accessories collections.

Installing Wardrobe Manager is tricky. The download process tried to sneak in an optional download for another program called Facemoods. Wardrobe Manager's functionality is limited and its interface elementary, but a quick launch button got us up and running in a matter of seconds. While the Tutorials button didn't work for us, we were able to get started without the need for instruction due to a basic but intuitive interface. Still, the button seems unnecessary and ends up taking you back to the HomyFads Wardrobe Manager download page. The straightforward menu made it simple to add and manage a number of wardrobes using images of the clothing or accessories. The program's tool bar is clear on how to add and remove photos from a collection, but we were unable to tag the photos, contrary to the publisher's claims. However, the tags don't appear to be necessary in order to organize and manage the photos.

Wardrobe Manager doesn't ask for personal information or require registration, nor does it require a username or password. This free application is easy to uninstall. A few features didn't work for us, but they didn't affect the overall purpose of the program.

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