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Expedite your Google searches with this handy extension.

Google puts incredible amounts of information at our fingertips, and it usually does a pretty good job of producing results that are relevant to what we're looking for. Sometimes, however, the specific things we want to know are buried within lengthy Web pages and aren't immediately obvious. Google Quick Scroll is an extension for Chrome that aims to quickly identify relevant information within Google search results, saving users time and frustration. It's not perfect, but it works.

Like most Chrome extensions, Google Quick Scroll installs easily. Using it is simply a matter of using Google as you usually would to search for something. Once you click on one of Google's results, Google Quick Scroll will display a black rectangle in the lower right corner of the screen that displays the text on the page that most closely matches your query. Clicking on that text will automatically scroll the page to the right location and highlight the text in question. For example, when we Googled "How does the Federal Reserve work?" and clicked on one of the results, the extension selected the text "Reserve Banks act as the operating arm of the central bank and do most of the work of the Fed. The banks generate their own income from four main sources..." The extension doesn't work with every Google search--we assume that this is because it can't always pick out text that seems especially relevant--and when it does return results, they don't always get to the meat of your question. But Google Quick Scroll is still a useful tool to have around to expedite your searches, especially if you often research complex ideas that come along with a lot of explanation.

Google Quick Scroll installs and uninstalls without issues.

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