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Snag videos from all over the Web with this Chrome extension.

We've reviewed lots of tools for downloading videos from the Internet, and the quality of these programs has varied widely. Some make the process a breeze, while others are practically worthless. We're happy to report that Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome is among the better offerings in this category. It's easy to use and it works reliably.

The extension installs with little fuss and then appears as an icon to the right of Chrome's address bar. Flash Video Downloader seems to work a bit differently for each site. On YouTube, for example, we clicked the icon and a small window appeared giving us a choice between downloading the video as an FLV or an MP4 file. On DailyMotion, the extension automatically downloaded the video as an FLV. Downloading videos from some other sites took us to, where we were then presented with a link that we could right-click on and save in order to download the video. It didn't really matter which site we used or what the download method was; all of them worked just fine. Flash Video Downloader has a huge list of supported sites, one of the biggest we've seen, making this among the most versatile downloaders we've encountered. An online Help file is adequate. Overall, we think that this extension is a great addition to Google Chrome for anyone who wants to build their Flash video collection.

Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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