Calendar conundrum

Functional problems mar this potentially outstanding extension.

We love Google, not just for its search engine but also for its many other useful services. We're particularly big fans of Google Calendar, which allows all our family members to keep track of and share their goings-on. DayHiker is an extension for Chrome, Google's browser, which makes Google Calendar even more accessible. Unfortunately, not all of its features worked, which was very disappointing. This extension would be fantastic if not for a few functional issues.

Like all Chrome extensions, DayHiker installed with minimal fuss. It appeared as a small calendar icon to the right of Chrome's address bar. Clicking the icon displayed a small calendar showing the current month, with a list of upcoming events below. As we scrolled through the list, the extension loaded more and more events, allowing us to browse into the future indefinitely. When we clicked a date on the calendar, the event list automatically went to that day's events. So far, so good; DayHiker was a marked improvement over our usual process of navigating to Google Calendar in our browser. Things went awry, however, when we tried to add events to our calendar using DayHiker. Although we navigated to the date that we wanted to add our new event to, the extension added it to the calendar on the current day instead. A link to edit the details of our event went nowhere when we clicked on it. This is a serious drawback in what could otherwise be an outstanding extension. We also noticed that although DayHiker is supposed to display color-coded badges letting users know when their next event is coming up, all we got was a message that said "No events found," even though our calendar was jam-packed with upcoming events. DayHiker has a few other cool features, such as task list access, but it's hard to be impressed with them when there are basic functional problems.

Overall, we think DayHiker has a lot of potential, but we can't recommend it without reservations.

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