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Add artistic effects to your photos with this fun and portable program.

We recently reviewed the regular version of FotoSketcher, and we gave it high marks for its intuitive interface and fun features. FotoSketcher Portable is a virtually identical program in a slightly smaller package. Either one is an excellent choice for those who enjoy adding special effects to their images.

We compared FotoSketcher and FotoSketcher Portable and didn't find much in the way of differences, aside from the fact that the portable version is about 1MB smaller than the regular one and runs without installation. The header across the top of the interface labels the full version as Version 2.0 and the portable one as Version 2.10, and the versions have slightly different color schemes, but other than that they seemed identical. Like the full version, FotoSketcher Portable displays the original image and the edited one side by side, making it easy to compare the two. There are a variety of effects that can be applied to images, including pencil sketch, pen and ink, and painting, and each effect can be customized with settings for the size of the brushstrokes, the color intensity, the strength of the effect, brightness, and so on. Although there's no true Help file, there is an online video tutorial, and the program's creator maintains a blog with tips and tricks. Overall, we thought that FotoSketcher Portable was a lot of fun to use and that it created high-quality results.

The fact that the portable version doesn't sacrifice any of the features of the full version makes this program a great choice for image editing on the go.

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