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Keep track of what you need to do with this portable freeware.

You've probably had the dubious pleasure of walking into a store with the intention of buying a variety of needed items, only to draw a complete blank once you're in the aisles. What To Do is portable freeware that creates task lists designed to put an end to such forgetfulness.

What To Do downloads as a ZIP file, but since it's completely portable you can save it in any directory or even to a mobile device or USB drive. During the initial setup, we could choose destination directories for the folders What To Do uses to store our task lists as well as a separate folder for receipts, notes, and other items we might like to save but prefer to keep separate from our task list archive. The program's interface opened with a helpful explanation of a Task Description displayed in an information panel that also linked to an extensive, fully indexed Help file. The program basically involves using the Tab key to move between data entry fields to enter a brief description of the task, set its priority and end date, and select File Under options. A Done check box let us mark the task as completed without removing it from the list, a handy option for marking one's progress. We could add new tasks, change their priority, and remove items easily from the main list view. Below was a notes field that was ruled and laid out like a sheet of yellow legal paper for a familiar look and feel. A button labeled To Knowledge let us select and enter a variety of Relationships for each item, such as the name, location, and type of store where you bought something unusual.

Task list tools, notekeepers, and personal organizers are common these days. What To Do stands out with a nice blend of flexibility and ease of use, not to mention total portability and a compact size, though portable users should keep track of where What To Do stores its archives. In time, What To Do can build up an impressive amount of useful personal data as well as keep you organized.

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