Desktop thunder and lightning

Throw dramatic thunderbolts across your Windows 7 desktop with this free themepack.

Lightning Windows 7 Theme is nothing to be scared of, unless dramatic pictures of high-energy lightning strikes accompanied by the occasional rumble of thunder rattles you. It's just a free desktop theme pack that rotates a series of intense high-resolution lightning photos with thunderclap sound effects.

This theme's installer automatically replaced our wallpaper with the Lightning Windows 7 slideshow, announcing the change with a realistic roll of thunder that won't trash your speakers. The first image depicted a dramatic city skyline lit by forks of lightning. We right-clicked the desktop, selected Personalize, and then clicked Desktop Background on the Personalization page. We could choose to de-select any image, change the frequency of rotation from its default setting of 15 minutes, choose Shuffle, and select how images fit in the desktop; all standard Windows settings. We returned to Personalization and clicked Sounds, which verified that the thunder sound was selected but offered no options for changing its frequency or intensity. Changing themes was as easy as choosing a different one in the Personalization wizard, but be sure to change the sound effects as well as the wallpaper: They download and install together but are selected through different controls.

The lightning images this theme packs are certainly dramatic and of excellent quality, and it's easy to add images to the slideshow if you like. We agree with some of the comments posted at Windows7 Theme's Web site in that we'd like to see the ability to change the frequency of the thunder sound, though we can see that having it sound off every time the picture changes could be distracting. Still, it's quite compelling as desktop displays go, and might be just the jolt of energy you need when you're switching windows.

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