Quick and easy mortgage figures

Calculate your mortgage with this freeware utility.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer from Debt Management Tool by TSI: It actually takes about as long to type that out as it does to display detailed information about your home mortgage, provided, of course, that you have your records and figures handy. It's optimized for mortgages, but it can calculate the rates and schedules for other loans, too.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer opens with an example mortgage displayed in its businesslike interface, with several other examples available in the Mortgage List field. Large buttons labeled Add, Copy, and Delete let us remove the examples easily when we were done with them. We clicked Add, changed the name of the new mortgage from Test Mortgage to something more personal and memorable, and entered a variety of data such as term, interest rate, and loan total, and selected values from drop-down menus for Pay Cycle and Compounded. We clicked Calculate, and the program displayed our payments, remaining loan, and the date it would be paid off. Buttons labeled Edit Payments and Amortization Table called up useful tables that we could also access from the Tables menu. There's a good Help file and some useful links, but Mortgage Loan Calculator Analyzer is extremely easy to use, even if you're just experimenting with some possible mortgages.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer is freeware that works just fine in just about any copy of Windows from 95 to 7. While there are mortgage analyzers that offer more options, this program is easier to use than most, and it's also good for other types of loans.

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