Pool Break Lite/Pro

Grab your cue stick and take to the billiard halls in Pool Break, a full 3D simulation of billiards with customizable pool physics, 3D graphics, and online play.

Pool Break features four main billiards modes: Pool, Snooker, Carrom, and Crokinole, each with their own variations (such as 8-ball in pool or Snooker 6-Reds) and table options. All of the modes feature options to either play solo, against the computer (appropriately named Droid), and network play. Pool Break Pro also includes manuals to explain the basics of each game for those new to the world of billiards.

Graphically, this game is gorgeous for an Android game. Pool Break simulates a full 3D environment with four scenes to choose from. Although the game runs extremely well, options are in place for lower-end phones to reduce texture quality and improve gameplay. Playing mechanics felt intuitive with the touch interface; swiping left and right rotates your view, and aiming the pool stick felt surprisingly precise in the 3D environment. Pinching gestures control the camera, and you can quickly toggle between first-person and free view by tapping the eye icon. Pool Break even allows you to edit friction values and mass ratios for the cue ball and pool table, which adds a significant depth of realism for even most die-hard pool enthusiasts.

Even online play felt solid. Pool Break will also indicate if an opponent is queued online for a match through an unobtrusive icon. Players can enable or disable chatting and also have the option of creating private games. Although the single-player mode allows you to save games, multiplayer does not. Online matches were stable with maybe one accidental dropped game during testing, even over 3G.

Pool Break currently stands as the definitive billiards game for Android. It not only highlights Android's 3D gaming potential, but its controls are excellent and it's packed with customizable physics to create a realistic pool game unrivaled on a mobile platform. Combined with stable Net play, multiple game modes, and quality visuals, Pool Break Pro demonstrates Kinectic Byte's attention to detail in producing a solid billiards experience on the Android and is unquestionably a recommended download for new players and veterans alike.

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