Mission (Almost) Impossible: The Impossible Game review

Hurdle over incoming obstacles and avoid pits of death in The Impossible Game. Prepare to challenge your reflexes... and patience.

The Impossible Game, based on Xbox Live's (XBL) popular indie game, has finally been ported to Android to test your reflexive tapping skills.

In The Impossible Game, players control an orange box speeding through an obstacle course that consists of blocks and spikes. The goal is to reach the end without colliding into oncoming objects and falling into pits. Hurdle over incoming obstacles by tapping the screen to jump. Crashing into any of the objects results in starting over at the beginning of the level.

The Impossible Game doesn't aim to be the prettiest game on the block (no pun intended) but instead draws in players with its difficulty, simplistic presentation, and oddly appropriate techno soundtrack. Make no mistake: Impossible Game is hard . Jumping over obstacles may look simple, but behind Impossible Game's primitive graphics lies a demand for timing and precision.

We were quickly hooked on the frustrating (but surprisingly enjoyable) process of tapping in tune with the music, dying at the same trap dozens of times, and tackling each new obstacle. The Impossible Game also features a helpful "flag" button that instantly places a checkpoint and toggles "Practice Mode." In this mode, instead of starting from the beginning, players can start at later checkpoints to overcome areas.

The Impossible Game keeps track of statistics, such as the total number of jumps, level attempts, and medals that can be achieved. Although there weren't many achievements, we found some of them to be amusing and appropriate with the game's theme--having 500 attempts without quitting is considered an "achievement." In addition, players can post their results on Twitter and Facebook to challenge friends' scores.


The Impossible Game is as minimalistic as it gets, but what it lacks in content and presentation it justifies in value by providing a fun challenge that will undoubtedly take hundreds of tries to completely conquer its two levels. It's definitely not impossible, but completing a course in even under 10 tries is no walk in the park. We recommend this game for Android owners who have a tolerance for ridiculously hard games and are looking for a reflexive challenge, as long as you promise not to throw your phone in rage.

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