Global stock display

View the time and financial conditions at markets around the world with this unique freeware.

Stock Index News Clock may not be the most imaginative name, but it's certainly an accurate description of this interesting freeware. A rotating globe displays the time and stock prices for exchanges around the world, while a scrolling ticker displays news and business headlines along the bottom edge. It accesses all major global exchanges, too.

Stock Index News Clock, or SINC, is portable freeware, so it requires no installation. We extracted the compressed program file and opened SINC's compact, two-piece interface. A small window displayed a rotating animated globe with latitude and longitude lines as well as national borders and the night-day boundary. Four analog clock faces in the program's corners told the local time as well as New York, London, and Beijing time, while other analog clocks on the globe displayed the local time in other national stock exchanges. Small windows displayed changing financial data in real time over each exchange as the world turned. The other part of the interface is a narrow control console for changing the appearance of the grid, the color of the ticker text, and the financial data displays. Clicking Custom opened a simple wizard that let us configure individual company stocks to track as well as set their latitude and longitude on the globe. The globe was spinning too fast for our tastes at first, yet there seemed to be no controls, but we simply grabbed it with our cursor, stopped it, and started it rotating again at a more realistic speed. We could even send it spinning like a top, forward or reverse, as well as tilt it. The Help file offered clear instructions for using this tool, including key combinations for manipulating the globe. Clicking any headline in the news ticker opened the item in our Web browser.

Stock Index News Clock is a useful little tool for investors, news hounds, and anyone who needs a quick, easy, and visually intuitive way to keep up with global markets.

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