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Convert JPEGs to PDFs with this simple program.

Simplicity is a trait we love in software, and JPEGtoPDF delivers it in spades. This basic utility makes the process of converting images into PDFs as easy as pie. It has just the right number of features; you can customize your conversion job, but you won't spend hours digging through menus and tweaking the program's settings. It's a great choice for anyone looking for a way to convert JPEGs to PDF files without a lot of fuss.

The program's interface is plain, consisting of a single screen that contains all of the utility's features. First, add the file or files you want to convert. Next, choose whether you want to use inches, centimeters, or millimeters as your unit of measurement. Select an output path, file name, and whether you want to create one or multiple PDFs. Adjust the page size and margin settings, choose whether you want the image centered or placed in the top left corner, and click Save PDF. The program quickly performs the conversion and deposits the new files in the selected location. That's really all there is to it. The program doesn't have a Help file, but this isn't a huge drawback; everything about it is easy to figure out. While there are certainly JPEG to PDF converters that have more features, this one works just fine for people who aren't too demanding.

JPEGtoPDF comes as a ZIP file and is accessible after extraction with no need for installation. We recommend this program to all people .

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