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Archive your movie collection with this free and flexible film database.

Duck Software's Organizer series of personal database applications share a common core that is then optimized for a specific use, such as keeping track of your movie collection. That's the job of Film Tracker v5.0, a free movie database. It can help you keep track of your far-flung video collection with more than 19 customizable data fields. Like all such databases, you must enter the information bit by bit, but Film Tracker's efficient entry form makes that job easy, and it can also import and export data in CSV files.

Like its stablemates, Film Tracker shares the Organizer format and layout, with a main list view that can sort entries by Titles or by Stars (actors) and a series of category tabs listing films by genre, such as Action, Classic, Comedy, Drama, and so on. Buttons and a preview window let us associate graphics files with entries. A series of buttons labeled A to Z runs along the bottom edge, giving quick access to entries. The rest of the interface is a data entry form with specialized fields such as Stars, Length, Producer, Director, and custom fields. Control icons let us add, edit, search, delete, and copy entries. An interesting button labeled Cast popped up with a cast list of the selected example movie, "Casablanca," while another labeled Review called up some brief reviews for some titles, though these features weren't available in some of the sample titles Film Tracker provides. We could change the heading of any field easily by clicking Custom Field Names on the menu bar and typing in whatever we wanted; for instance, we changed the Value field to Studio to record the production studio's name and designated one of the custom fields for video formats. The data form has fields for tracking items out on loan. Film Tracker can also generate reports, print labels, and convert files to and from CSV format.

As with other Organizer tools, we'd like the ability to add, delete, and rename the category tabs, and perhaps a link that accesses locally stored or Web-hosted titles. As a free tool optimized for keeping up with a movie collection, Film Tracker v5.0 nails the role.

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