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Capture, edit, and share things in Firefox with this versatile tool.

Screenshots are a great way to capture anything of interest on your computer, whether it's an error message that you need to send to tech support or a funny message-board comment. LightShot for Firefox is an easy-to-use browser extension that lets users take, edit, and upload screenshots. This versatile add-on could quickly become indispensable for users who have a frequent need to take screen captures.

LightShot installs easily and then appears as a small feather icon to the right of Firefox's address bar. Click the icon and the screen dims, letting you know that LightShot has been activated. You can then drag a box over the area you want to capture and use the accompanying toolbar to choose your next move. The extension lets you save, copy, or print the selected area, or you can edit it in LightShot's online editing utility; the extension will upload your image automatically and open it in a sleek and fairly powerful editing tool. LightShot also lets you upload screenshots to a server for sharing, providing a URL leading directly to your image. Like most browser extensions, LightShot doesn't have a Help file, but that's OK; every thing about it is intuitive. Overall, we were quite impressed with both how easy LightShot was to use and how many cool features it had. We think it's an excellent choice for anyone who wants more options than the built-in Windows screen capture utility offers.

LightShot for Firefox installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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