Portable file management utility

View four directories at once with this unique portable file manager.

Q-Dir (64-bit) is a free file management utility for 64-bit editions of Windows. Like other file management tools, its main job is to display your system's files, folders, and directory structure as well as related information in a single interface that makes it easy to move, delete, copy, and otherwise manage your data. Q-Dir's distinguishing feature is its four-in-one interface, which displays up to four identical Explorer-like windows in various configurations. This arrangement makes it easy to drag and drop objects between directories without fumbling between several open windows or trying to use the back-and-forth arrows for multiple operations. We recently tried the installed version of Q-Dir and decided to take a look at the portable version, Q-Dir (64-bit) Portable. The chief difference is that the portable version is designed to run from a USB drive or similar portable device or media. This means you can't add Q-Dir to Explorer's shell context menus, which requires a standard installation.

The portable version of Q-Dir opened as soon as we clicked the unzipped program file. The default view is the four-pan 4-Dir view, which divides the screen into quarters, each with a complete Explorer-style file view. Icons along the program's top edge let us quickly toggle between two-pane, three-pane, and a variety of other views; we could also set a default view once we'd made our choices. Q-Dir's tabbed properties panel and other options let users configure many aspects of how the program looks and works, including startup options, font colors, and program associations. After several tries, we found what we thought was the best setup for viewing our multi-disk system. It's a distinct pleasure to be able to browse four different directories from one interface without having to drag around and resize a bunch of open windows. Q-Dir doesn't sacrifice drag-and-drop capability or any of Windows' other native file management capabilities, as some proprietary file-management systems can do.

Q-Dir (64-bit) is one of the most unique and useful file managers we've tried, and the portable version adds even more utility by letting you run it on any compatible Windows machine. The Help file and program documentation could be better written, or at least better translated, yet we never felt confused. Whether you try the installed or portable version, Q-Dir is worth a look.

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