Desktop setup saver

Save desktop arrangements for multiple screen resolutions or users with this free tool.

If changing your computer screen's resolution hides or cuts off some of your desktop icons, you can adjust your display settings, or you can download DesktopOK (64-bit). It's a compact piece of freeware that saves and restores desktop icon positions for different screen resolutions or different users. It lets users who share a PC instantly restore personal settings or individual users save multiple settings. You can use DesktopOK to create profiles for certain functions, such as work, Web surfing, or gaming. Best of all, you won't lose desktop access to your programs when you need to change your screen's resolution.

DesktopOK's compact interface opened in German, but we instantly changed it to English by clicking the English language icon (a British flag) from a drop-down list offering more than a dozen choices plus a translate button. This tool's interface is simple, just file menus and a main field displaying saved settings. The main functions are Save, Restore, and Delete, with the ability to create names for saved profiles. We saved our current settings, returned to the desktop, rearranged some icons, and clicked Restore. DesktopOK instantly restored our arrangement. Next we tried different screen resolutions, with the same results. DesktopOK's settings includes quick access to some Windows features, such as tile and cascade display options, as well as selections for saving settings on exit, starting with Windows, and other program properties. There's also a function called Punch the Icons, which randomly distributes icons across the desktop. This feature could have potential as a training tool to familiarize users with icons without memorizing their positions. Of course, clicking our saved settings instantly restored order to our desktop.

DesktopOK (64-bit) is for 64-bit editions of Windows. It's portable freeware that runs when you click the extracted program file, with no installation required, so you can carry it on a keychain USB drive or other portable media and run it on any PC you need to use without leaving Registry changes or program traces. If you like to use the same desktop setup at work and home, run duplicate desktops on multiple monitors, play video from your PC on your TV, or use software that requires you to change your screen resolution often, DesktopOK could be for you.

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