Flash cookie jar lid

Keep a close eye on your system's Flash cookies with this portable freeware.

When you think about it, Internet cookies are a lot like the snacks they're named for: Good, even necessary, in moderation, but bad for your system in abundance. So it's a good idea to keep a close eye on the various cookie jars scattered throughout your PC. NirSoft's FlashCookiesView is an extremely compact piece of portable freeware that monitors Local Shared Object (LSO) cookies created by Adobe Flash components in your Web browsers. Like transfats, LSOs are persistent and potentially unhealthy, raising privacy concerns and other issues. FlashCookiesView displays the contents of each LSO in readable form or as a hex dump. It can also copy multiple cookies to the clipboard; save them as text, HTML, or XML files; or delete them.

FlashCookiesView is totally portable and runs as soon as you click the extracted program file, even from a USB drive or other mobile device. It opened with a two-panel main view, the upper half listing LSOs and the lower displaying individual file data. A basic suite of control icons let us find, refresh, copy, and delete files; display and edit their properties; and generate reports. Clicking Options/Display Mode let us choose to display Cookie Value, Hex Dump, or let the program choose automatically. Since the Cookie Value view is also the default selection, we chose Hex Dump, which offered Unicode options, and also Automatic, which returned the view to the Cookie Value data. The program's options let us choose column headings, base folder, grid lines, tool tips, and other settings. You can choose to display a lot or a little information in FlashCookiesView, which with its other configurable options makes it more than just a simple tool for showing you what cookies are in your system.

We've reviewed many of developer Nir Sofer's free apps and found them to be efficient and competent tools that frequently fill specific needs. FlashCookiesView is a perfect example: It's compact, portable, useful, and free, and it's a great addition to portable software toolkits, too. It can help you keep your PC healthy by keeping a lid on the Flash cookie jar.

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