Chrome history enhancement

Easily return to closed tabs with this free Chrome extension.

Sexy Undo Close Tab is a free Google Chrome extension that sounds more alluring than it is. Its attention-getting name apparently loses something in the translation, since "sexy" doesn't immediately spring to mind when describing this useful history file enhancement. Nor exactly does "undo," since this program doesn't really "undo" closed tabs so much as reopen tabs you've previously closed. It saves data on tabs and makes it easier to reopen them, even if they were closed months earlier. We looked at an updated release of this free add-on.

Right-clicking Sexy Undo Close Tab's toolbar icon on the Chrome interface opened the extension's options page, which mostly deals with appearance, but we could also set the number of tabs to save and other parameters via sliders and counters. Sexy Undo only saves data on tabs that have been closed since it was installed, so we opened some tabs, browsed to some sites, and closed them. Every time we closed a tab, the extension kept count in a small red box beneath its icon. Clicking the icon opened a small box listing our closed tabs by site name, each with a brief description that helped a lot in identifying each site. Sexy Undo also displayed the time since each tab was closed, even if it was just seconds earlier. Hovering the cursor over an entry displayed its URL in a pop-up. There's also a field for searching your saved tabs, which saves a lot of time if they start to pile up.

Goodness knows there's plenty of sexy undo-ware for your PC, with and without frills, but free history file enhancements for Chrome are actually a bit exotic. Sexy undos or not, this app's appeal lies in making the browser's history file friendlier and more accessible.

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