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Quickly view stats for any Battlefield: Bad Company 2 player with this Chrome extension.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a popular first-person shooter game, and competition among players can be intense. If you're a fan of the game and like to frequently check stats--either your own or other players'--try Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats. This extension for Google Chrome lets you quickly view the game statistics for any Battlefield: Bad Company 2 player.

Like most Chrome extensions, Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats installs easily, requiring not even so much as a browser restart. The extension appears as an icon to the right of Chrome's address bar, and clicking on it brings up a small box in which users enter the name of the player they wish to see stats for and check a box for PC, Xbox, or PS3. Click the Show button and the extension displays a graphic with the player's rank, as well as the player's score, kills, deaths, K/D ratio, SMP, time, average life, dog tags, wins, losses, and W/L ratio. The extension even provides the code necessary to use the graphic elsewhere, such as in your signature on a message board. The stats come from Stats Verse, and users can click a button to view a player's full stats on that site. The info there didn't seem to be quite as up-to-date as the leaderboard on the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Web site, but it was close. Overall, we think that Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats is a pretty basic extension, but it works well for what it is.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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