Manageable manager

Organize your images with this easy-to-use program.

Sometimes less is more, and that's definitely the case with SunlitGreen Photo Manager Portable. This lightweight program makes organizing and managing your photos a surprisingly uncomplicated process. It doesn't have a ton of features, but that's kind of what we like about it.

The program's interface is attractive and intuitive, with integrated instructions that help you figure out the next steps. The opening screen asks if you want to create a new album, open an existing album, or view online tutorials. We dove right in and created a new album. Each album can contain multiple collections; you can have an album for vacations, for example, and a separate collection for each trip. We easily imported a group of photos and set about tagging them.

We have to admit that the program's tagging feature confused us at first, and we had to consult the online Help file. It turns out that you have to first create categories for the tags you want to use, and then add the specific tags. For example, we had to create a Location category before we started tagging all the cities that our photos had been taken in. Once we figured this out it was easy, and we added tag categories for the people and subjects in our images.

We liked the simplicity of the program's search feature; enter a term in the search box and the program will search both the tags and the file names. When an image is highlighted the program displays its file type, date taken, dimensions, and size at the bottom of the screen, and double clicking an image quickly opens a full-size preview. Overall, we liked SunlitGreen Photo Manager Portable very much; it's not feature-packed, but it does just enough to keep your images organized and easily accessible.

SunlitGreen Photo Manager Portable comes as a ZIP file and is accessible after extraction with no need for installation.

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