Basic Bible blasts

See Bible verses throughout the day with this simple program.

The Bible can be a source of comfort and inspiration, and reading it periodically throughout the day is a great way for devout Christians to stay connected to their faith. Bible Verse Popup can make the Bible a part of your work day by displaying Bible verses periodically on your computer. We would have liked to see more features, but the program isn't bad if you're not too particular.

Bible Verse Popup's interface is plain and not particularly attractive. The Bible verses appear in a gray text box, and users can skip to the next or previous verse, edit the verse, or remove the verse from their collection. The program's control panel contains its meager settings. The verses are split into categories for women, men, and children; users can specify which category they'd like to view or have the program show verses in all categories. The verses can be scheduled to appear in intervals ranging from one to 24 hours. We liked it that users can add their own Bible verses to Bible Verse Popup, but we think it would have been helpful for users to be able to view the entire collection that the program contains. Users can delete verses they don't like as they appear, but there's no way to edit the program's content as a whole. Although the program's interface contains a button labeled Help, clicking the button didn't launch a Help file, which was also disappointing. Overall, Bible Verse Popup worked fine, but its lack of options and barebones interface didn't impress us much.

Bible Verse Popup installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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