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Get discounts and coupons for thousands of sites with this ingenious add-on.

Periodically when we shop online we come to the point in the checkout process where we're supposed to enter any coupon or discount codes we have, and we look ruefully at that little box, wishing we knew where we could find such things. We know that if we dug around online long enough we could probably come up with something, but who has time for that? Drop Down Deals is an ingenious Firefox extension that can detect where you're shopping and show relevant coupons and discounts right there on the page.

Drop Down Deals is an unobtrusive extension; most of the time you don't even know it's there. But when you land on one of the 5,000--yes, 5,000--sites that Drop Down Deals supports, an attractive ribbon-style interface drops down from the top of the browser and displays available coupons or discounts for the site. If there's a code involved, the extension will display it and allow you to copy it to your clipboard just by clicking on it. You can also enter a specific product in the interface's search box and get a comparison of prices from different retailers on We tried Drop Down Deals on numerous different sites and had varying levels of success; at one popular department store, for example, clicking on a coupon simply reloaded the site's home page, and no coupon or discount code was displayed. We had success with plenty of other sites, though, and we can't imagine why anyone who's tried Drop Down Deals would ever shop without it. At worst it might not come up with anything, but at best it has the potential to save you quite a bit of money. It's also incredibly easy to use, and has well-written online support just in case you need it.

Drop Down Deals will try to install the Bing toolbar, so make sure that you uncheck that option during installation if you don't want it.

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