Screen grabber for Chrome

Save screenshots and edit and share them online with this unique Google Chrome extension.

Pixlr Grabber is a free screenshot tool for Google Chrome. It can save all or part of your screen's display, like other screen-grabbers, including Windows' built-in snipping tool. However, Pixlr Grabber also lets you edit your images via Pixlr's online Editor and Express tools as well as share them on the Web site.

Unlike most Chrome extensions, you must restart your browser for Pixlr Grabber to work properly. We clicked Pixlr Grabber's icon and selected Grab a Defined Area. Pixlr Grabber opened a selection box that we could drag around and enlarge, with the option to edit our image in Editor, share it via, or save it to the desktop, which we selected. We opened our saved image and were pleased to find an exact copy of the screen area we'd selected. We could also save the entire visible page as well as capture the whole page and save, share, or edit them in the same fashion. Next we tried opening our selection in Pixlr's online Editor application. This is a full-featured graphics editing suite, with a full complement of tools as well as layers, a navigator, and other options. We could apply red-eye correction; add text, objects, and shapes; paint and draw; crop and mask; and perform other functions. When it came time to save our image, the tool gave us several options, including saving it to our computer or to, Pixlr library, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa, though we had to sign in to save photos to the last three. However, saving images directly to presented us with a pop-up containing the image URL to copy, save, or share, a convenient touch.

Pixlr Grabber does much more than the typical screen grabber, especially with the online editing and storage, which is a great idea that makes it extremely easy to clean up and post your photos while they're still fresh. It's a worthy addition to your Chrome extensions.

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