Pro soccer results in Chrome

Display the latest Euro football results in Google Chrome with this free extension.

Developer Dave's Ultimate Football Results is a free Google Chrome extension that fetches results from the most popular soccer leagues from multiple BBC Sport pages and displays them in one page in Chrome. It's the fastest way to check the latest results for your team, league, or association.

Ultimate Football Results is compact and, like most Chrome extensions, installs almost instantaneously. It placed a soccer ball icon in Chrome's address bar; we clicked it to access the extension's setup options. This involved selecting feeds for four tabs, each with four separate frames containing a drop-down list and the option to display Results, Fixtures, or a Table. The tabs are labeled Home (for the U.K.), Europe, Other, and Knockout cups. We made our selections, closed the options page, and clicked the program's icon. An attractive dialog bearing the BBC Sport logo popped up with our selections displayed in its four squares; clicking the tab labels changed the view to our selected matches. Better still, we could click links within each square to access more detailed information. Clicking the Peek button let us quickly glance at results for any league by selecting it from a drop-down list. There's also a Message Board, which we looked at but didn't sign up for, and an Options button that let us quickly change our choices.

Fans of European football and Chrome have reason to celebrate the outcome of this fixture since both sides win. If you find yourself checking and re-checking BBC Sport for the latest results, you need help. Well, here it is, courtesy of Ultimate Football Results.

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